Monday, July 03, 2006

Morrison on Psychic Phenomena

Morrison said he is generally disdainful towards most psychics but he wanted to talk about some that he found to be genuine and trustworthy.

Christopher Reburn - is very hard working, serious and sincere about his gifts. I have come in for him quite a few times and will continue to do so when he calls. What I really like about him is that he isn't full of crap. Ninety percent of the books out about this side are straight, unadulterated bullshit. He won't tell you crazyass stories about this side. Christopher needs to become more famous if for no other reason than to counterbalance the low crawling charlatans who exploit grief and do their so-called "gallery readings." Anyone have a relative in here that starts with a "J?" Christopher can help to counterbalance the negativity of the pseudo-psychics. He is a seer of world events as well.

Francine Milano - -Francine is going to be more famous in the not too distant future and it's a good thing. She is genuine and she gives real validations to those who come to her. She is going to have more contact with Michael Hutchence than with me but I think she's great and is one of the very few psychics I would attest to. Francine will end up writing books and they won't be like so many are now, false prophecy and utter nonsense. She is one of the few out there that is doing it for the right reasons and with the right gifts.

Linda Merkel - is very special to me. I have done some automatic writing through her and will do so again I hope. She is very connected to my channel and at some time and in the months ahead, she will better understand our deep connection. Linda can best be explained this way, authentic! She uses her gifts in divine accordance with the universe and has asked for nothing for them. She is what so many other mediums are not, humble! I have a great love and respect for her and will be coming in for her again. I have given her very intimate information about my channel because she is trustworthy enough to receive it. We need more Linda’s and fewer seven-hundred-dollar a half-hour psychics. I call them out and can't wait to hear how they supposedly channeled me! It's pure lies and I have given information to very few but the ones I gave it to, misused it. It was all about channeling a dead rock star, not the message. I never spoke through anyone’s voice box though I could if the right channel was present. That person simply practiced my voice and used it to display herself on television almost catching her hair on fire was a nice trick. Ask her to channel me now, and she will either have to admit I don't come through to her anymore or make-up some bullshit to cover her. Don't believe it. My channel now has spoken to psychics all over the world, these are only a few and I have come through for her every time because she is real and it feels great to finally have a real channel with no ulterior motives. Even if I didn't like the psychic, I came through to show I was who I said I was with specific validations. There are no celebrities over here. There are no public relations or bullshit, it's all about creating and inspiring now. I don't communicate with the ones I gave some information to before; they did not give it verbatim. They were on a fishing expedition and embellished my words. One in particular has truly violated my trust. She is trying desperately to become a star by channeling so-called stars. Never again, because I only have one channel now and forever. People are misusing my name and image, I would ask all of you not to contribute to it. I would also say that if you saw a show where I was supposedly called to a place where I once resided, I was very unhappy about that whole thing. The psychic was told she was not even close and told the public that she was very close.

My appearances are rare, and now only through one.

One flame that lights the way, one channel.


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