Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Michael Hutchence: The Man and The Artist

Photo by Herb Ritts

Michael Hutchence: The Man and The Artist

Few musical artists have engendered the breadth of work and showmanship of former INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. After debuting in the 1980’s, the Australian group quickly became the best-selling band in the country’s history and they stormed to the top of the charts with a fresh sound that invigorated millions of fans the world over. Hutchence’s death in 1997 left his family and friends stunned. Michael was considered by many to be a sensitive soul yet full of life. But now, speaking through psychic medium Jacqueline Murray, he is speaking out about his life, his highly publicized relationship with Paula Yates and the mystery behind his death.

“I have decided to speak to the world now because I have a few things to say. I had to get my act over here together first and I had to wait until I found the right channel.” A channel or a medium is someone who can tune into the vibrations of souls and communicate what they have to say.

Hutchence continued: “I steer clear of the Hollywood Celebrity type of psychics. My brother actually went to a few renowned psychics and I am sad to say, they didn't connect with my energy or me. One brought me in for about thirty seconds and then completely lied about the rest of the information she didn't receive. I was not a clear communicator at first on this side and these channels were people I would rather not speak to. I did not see pure motives or clear intent on their part. I will say however, I was very happy to see Rhett try to connect to me, because he was never sure what happened, how I crossed or why things went so terribly wrong. I was glad he was open minded and sought out answers wherever he could find them. I deeply love my brother and I am with him, and his kids. I want him to know how much I love him and there were times in our past life I didn't always understand him,


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