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Michael Hutchence: The Man and The Artist

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Michael Hutchence: The Man and The Artist

Few musical artists have engendered the breadth of work and showmanship of former INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. After debuting in the 1980’s, the Australian group quickly became the best-selling band in the country’s history and they stormed to the top of the charts with a fresh sound that invigorated millions of fans the world over. Hutchence’s death in 1997 left his family and friends stunned. Michael was considered by many to be a sensitive soul yet full of life. But now, speaking through psychic medium Jacqueline Murray, he is speaking out about his life, his highly publicized relationship with Paula Yates and the mystery behind his death.

“I have decided to speak to the world now because I have a few things to say. I had to get my act over here together first and I had to wait until I found the right channel.” A channel or a medium is someone who can tune into the vibrations of souls and communicate what they have to say.

Hutchence continued: “I steer clear of the Hollywood Celebrity type of psychics. My brother actually went to a few renowned psychics and I am sad to say, they didn't connect with my energy or me. One brought me in for about thirty seconds and then completely lied about the rest of the information she didn't receive. I was not a clear communicator at first on this side and these channels were people I would rather not speak to. I did not see pure motives or clear intent on their part. I will say however, I was very happy to see Rhett try to connect to me, because he was never sure what happened, how I crossed or why things went so terribly wrong. I was glad he was open minded and sought out answers wherever he could find them. I deeply love my brother and I am with him, and his kids. I want him to know how much I love him and there were times in our past life I didn't always understand him,

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The Return of Jim Morrison

Music legend Jim Morrison is back. And he’s got a lot to say about how he actually died in 1971, what he wants to be remembered for and what he thinks about today’s music.

“First things first, I really did cross over,” he said. “The myth that I am still on Earth in a human body is absurd but has given me a few good laughs.”

The fact that Morrison can communicate these thoughts at all is thanks to psychic phenomena called channeling. It is a commonly held belief that anyone can get messages from the other side but it’s like tuning a radio onto a fuzzy signal. You need a good receptor. Channelers or mediums are people here on Earth who can make contact with those who have died, or crossed over and still talk to them. It’s a concept that’s become much more mainstream with hit shows like “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer” and famed psychics like John Edwards and James Van Pragh. Morrison said he has now turned to just one channel, a lesser-known medium named Jacqueline Murray to convey his message to the public. He wants to set the record straight about his legacy.

“There are many who "claim" to have channeled me and some who believe they are. Very few actually have and on the linear time scale, no one will receive my words other than the channel you are speaking to (Ms. Murray). They are too important for me to dilute them. These are the pure messages.”

“I need to set the record straight. My life was a model and a sacrifice for others as it was supposed to be. I was supposed to indulge in earthly pleasures but I struggled with that while I was there because I knew there was more. I was taken advantage of and since my so-called death I still continue to be exploited.”

“There were many messages in my music.”
“Despite how cliché this sounds, my music was to open the doors and have people look beyond the superficial walls created around them,” he said. “I was heavily into great literature, poetry and philosophy and I took concepts from much of it and put my own stamp on it. I encourage others to gain inspiration by reading more, especially great literature, poetry and philosophy. It's timeless. It has survived and will survive.”

“I was not a bad person. I was not a lunatic. People worshipped me as an icon but I had a message. I was there to inspire. My work has remained unfinished. I have so much more to do and I did not have to check out when I did.”

“Interestingly enough I wasn’t sure where my lyrics came from and they actually came from past lives and things I had already experienced on the other side but I didn’t know that at the time. They just came out of the universe. I let them come out of the subconscious mind and the lyrics came very naturally especially at first.”

The move to Paris
Morrison’s death on July 3, 1971 in Paris, France came after a turbulent time in the rock star’s life. “For me, Paris was supposed to be a sanctuary where I could get in tune with my writing. I intended to write a screenplay, a novel, poetry and music. After my trial in Miami, I was a different person. I needed to get out of LA. I was disillusioned in life. I did not want to be a rock star. I stopped wanting to be a rock star two years before I went to Paris.”

“I wanted to quit drinking in Paris and at times I did. Sobriety was off and on. However Paris did not turn out as I had planned. I had a creative burst of energy the first time I went there, I found the city exuberating. The time before my crossing was different as I began to look at my life and I began to see the truth of it. I was with a woman in Paris (Pamela Courson) who had been my on and off girlfriend and I realized the relationship was toxic and that she had chosen death over life by choosing heroin over her own life as well as a life with me.”

“I was having a problem. I felt very lonely, confused and the depression came over me like a sea of darkness. I was sick. I had seen two doctors in sixty days. I should not have mixed alcohol with medication. I was a dumb f*** up many times but I knew that it was going to be my time. I felt tortured and isolated and on the brink of insanity at times.”

A slow death
Morrison laughed at what he believes to be the biggest misconception of his death. “At the time I crossed over, I didn’t die in a bathtub. That has to be one of the funniest stories. I had been sick. I was coughing up blood for the last sixty days and even though it was warm outside, I was cold. I even built a fire because I was freezing. I knocked on Pamela’s (Courson) door and had no answer. I was coughing up blood and a blood clot traveled up into my lung. The clot traveled from my lungs to my brain. My head hurt very badly. I crossed over alone. My death was not easy. On a scale from 1-10 it was a 7. It was 5 hours of suffering. No one was with me. I died alone.”

“I was not on the other side right away. It was dark and I called out and no one answered. And then I saw them lift me into the bathtub and no I didn’t want to go back. I didn’t want to go back to that body. I didn’t want to go back.”

Crossing over
Morrison, who was known to be a very adventurous man in life, said he definitely did not have a death wish. “I began to travel into a tunnel and I began to experience a feeling of freedom like I had never felt. My whole goal during my life was to find freedom and to find myself but now I had found freedom. I had always wondered what was on the other side. I realized, ‘This is a tunnel’. I thought, ‘You did it Jim. You did it. You really did it this time.’’”
“Then, a guide met me but I knew that I had crossed. I knew I had crossed. I knew. I was taken to meet others that had been in my soul group before I came back to Earth. Shortly thereafter I had my life review, of only my last life. “

“I had many, many regrets. And then I was able to see what my life would have been had I not checked out so early because if I had made the right choices, I would have achieved my goal to be a writer and be acknowledged and accepted by other talented writers. It would have all come to fruition and my best work would have been done.”

“I was already mellowing out before I crossed over but I would have been able to take a very spiritual and different path in life. It was sort of like either I crossed over or I went on a spiritual path on the Earth. It was going to happen one way or the other. It was going to happen here or there.”

Renowned Psychics Speak Out

Leading psychics agree that is a common phenomena for spirits to want to continue their learning on the other side. Psychic Laura Moore (, whom many consider to be the psychic’s psychic said: “He is saying that he could and would have completed more lessons here because he was at a place of more peace, of being able to just be him instead of pleasing all the fans and others.” Psychic Christopher Reburn (, who is one of the premier psychics in the nation said, “Generally, if a Spirit has something they desperately want to get across, they will find someone as their Messenger.” Though Morrison’s channel considers herself to be a private citizen, numerous renowned psychics have backed up the veracity of Morrison’s message. Reburn added, “The channeling interview between Jacquie Murray and Jim Morrison was brilliant and extremely accurate. Ms. Murray continues to mature as one of the finest channeler's of our time. I have watched her come full circle with her channeling abilities and I'm convinced that she's one of a kind - something rare and very genuine. Ms Murray should be treasured and treated with great respect and admiration for her work. She is a natural resource of our generation.”

Morrison said he chose Murray for very specific reasons. “Our souls recognized each other as true and pure in our intentions for each other. That is why I chose this channel and this has not been an easy road, as she would prefer to channel Joe the Plumber or Bob the Electrician. It is destiny.”

“She was skeptical and had to be convinced over and over again. She does not do this for a living and wants nothing more than to get my messages out. You won't find her doing psychic readings because this is not her bag. She is the only one I fully trust with my work now.”

Those who knew Morrison may recognize that his messages still carry much of the personality of the artist. Nationally renowned radio psychic Francine Milano (, who has a private practice at the Metaphysical Center of Gettysburg said, “One of the first messages I got was that he (Jim) was a sensitive writer who felt a great injustice had been done, and he seemed to be a man on a mission. I have watched Jacquie develop into a very gifted medium and she was blessed with the rare opportunity of having received her lessons directly from the other side. She is authentic, and Jim has chosen her as his channel for messaging. He has personally made that clear to me, and I whole-heartedly believe her to be the genuine article.”

Psychic Linda Merkel ( whose clients include many in the music industry said his messages are needed for his time. “One of the points he expresses is one of my tenets in life, and that is that you need not die to enter the kingdom of paradise because the kingdom of paradise is before you. It is here on Earth. Man just needs to recognize it. That is part of life's lessons while here on Earth.Jacquie has indeed cued in and embraced the spiritual messages of Jim Morrison.”

Merkel added: “This channeled interview expresses to the public something vitally important about the entity that goes to spirit. In spirit they are still the embodiment of the same person that they were here with the same characteristics and opinions; however from spirit Jim (like other spirits) has become enlightened to the bigger picture of mankind.”
Morrison’s message for his band mates from “The Doors”
Although it’s been thirty-five years since his death, Morrison shared his opinions about how life here has continued without him. In 2002, Morrison’s former bandmates Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger reunited and created a new version of The Doors, called "The Doors of the 21st Century". In the place of Morrison, the new lineup was fronted by British vocalist Ian Astbury. “I cannot condemn my former band mates but my concept of "The Doors" was the four of us, and without one of those members, how then can you call it "The Doors?" It was the fusion of their musicianship and my singing and our lyrics together that created what is known as "The Doors." I am grateful they have brought it to new generations and that it has survived the test of time, linear time that is, but they are all such talented musicians and while they have created new music, they should have left the Doors where they are historically and created new chapters for themselves.”

Morrison recognized that these messages might not be appreciated or even believed. He said he has other personal messages for his band mates. He offered a challenge to Manzarek and Krieger to go to any psychic or medium of their choice and he will bring forth those messages through his medium, Murray.

The former band members also served as advisors for Oliver Stone’s movie “The Doors”. Morrison was very vocal about the movie’s disservice to his memory. “That was not the real me. I don’t blame Val Kilmer. I blame Oliver Stone and those involved with the film. Oliver Stone made a movie about who he thought I was. I think he was doing more drugs back then than I was. His ideas of me could not have been more wrong. I did not spend weeks and months tripping out in the desert. Maybe I would have been better off if I did. I also have to say that there was a much more spiritual side to me that many who knew me saw. This was not presented in the film, which was unfortunate. I don’t know why someone would want to make a film about me. There are better subjects. But if they did it, well it should have been more truthful because many are still on Earth that knew me. I am quite amazed at the other members of The Doors that the film did not depict me. I am perplexed that this film was legally allowed to be made. It was like a bad drug trip, completely lame and forgettable.”

Message to his Fans
As the anniversary of this death approaches, he has several messages for his fans. “I was just a man. I was a stupid immature f*** up a great deal of the time. I appreciate the fact that the music and the poetry live on and people still listen. People still read it. Let it inspire you to create your own music, your own poetry, and your own art. Use my work not my life. Do not worship me. Look for a higher power. Worship the artist within. You do not have to go to my gravesite in Paris. It’s a landmark but keep in mind that I’m not there. I’m everywhere. I’m throughout the Universe and I appreciate being remembered but I need to be remembered for my words rather than anything else. I knew there was more behind the walls and you would be amazed at the thin veil between this side and you.”

Morrison wanted people to focus on the substantive part of his life, not the scandal. How does he want people to remember him? “By my words. But I also say that people should not jump to tabloid conclusions. I was very sensitive and very shy but I overcame that to get my words out and it is a message to others to do the same. Speak your truth and let no one tell you not to.”

“I spent a great deal of my time in solitude. I loved solitude. I was not a bad person. I never meant to hurt anyone. I never meant to hurt anyone. I was my own worst enemy.”

“I was not the egotist. That label has been thrown on me over and over again. If anything I was shy. If anything I had to put on a show to get people to like me. If anything I never felt I was good enough. I had a lot of pain and there didn’t seem to be many around me who truly cared about that. They only cared about meeting a rock star.”

Morrison on Music
Morrison said he felt that currently money has ruined music. He said he not only listens to contemporary music, he’s even inspired a few musicians on his own though he declined to name names. But what does the 60’s impresario think about this generation’s favorite genre, hip-hip and rap? “It’s not that these artists cannot write more inspiring music. It is simply that they were in it for the wrong reasons. They are in it for the commercialization. They care more about their image than what the music says.”

And what about other famous rock legends that have crossed over? Is heaven anything like the stained glass windows of the Hard Rock Café where rock legends hang out and groove together? “It doesn’t mean that we’re always around each other or together. It is determined that my channel can help others and that they wish to channel to her so they have been around me much more. I actually helped Kurt Cobain cross over and he had a difficult crossing. We have become quite close here. I felt he was a musical genius and had some things he was actually born with as far as chemical imbalance and I will make it very clear in my writings about the other side, specifically about how it affects your life when you come in with these physical impairments.”

“I have also been around Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS) Despite what many say we couldn’t be more different. We are not alike. However we have actually composed some music together which I think some people will find quite interesting. Our lives interestingly enough have some things in common.”

Lessons Learned
The cartoon version of heaven has people playing harps but apparently that can’t be so because there’s definitely a lot of learning taking place. Morrison talked about what he’s learned so far.

On relationships: “(Had I lived) they would have evolved to a new maturity level. Time would have changed my perception. My view now is that personal relationships are more important than anything else and if I had to do it over again, of course I would have searched for more purity and truth in personal relationships. I would have searched for someone who would have understood me and someone I could have understood.”

On life and living: “People need to question whether they are not being programmed because they are being programmed every minute of every day by the media, by the culture and by themselves.”

On spirituality: “Men, in particular, have a difficult time getting in touch with their spiritual selves.”

On fate: “No one is on Earth as an accident. There are no coincidences but the two topics people need to explore presently in their lives are: Fate and Destiny. Fate and destiny. Fate and destiny. They will each get their own personal meaning from that but anything of any consequence stems from one of the two.”

On expanding the consciousness: “Do not be afraid of who you are. Do not be afraid that you don’t follow what is considered to be the ‘norm’. Do not be afraid. How I tried to conquer fear…for example I would do things and I would get as close to death as I could so I could conquer the fear of it. Don’t be afraid of death. There is nothing to fear because you can't and don't feel the love on earth that one feels here. There are no limits, you create the limits, free your mind of the black and white you have been taught, teach yourself.”

He wants people to remind people that life is not meant to be drudgery. “There is more beauty on the Earth than anything they are seeing. There is absolute amazing beauty but people on earth feel trapped and constrained instead of allowing themselves to be free and open as children.”

“One of the reasons I am here, is not to stroke an ego I buried with my leather pants but to talk about what I am seeing from this side and how right now, those of you on earth do not consider yourselves an extension of the planet but you are. You are part of the ground you walk on and if you truly considered it sacred, things would look vastly different, wouldn't they?”

Continuing to Create
The mercurial Morrison said he has continued to create on the other side. “You can create music here that is so beautiful. Nothing on Earth can possibly compare to it. I have been writing music, poems, everything you can imagine. I have the opportunity to communicate with some on Earth but I have also found that I still can’t trust people, which was a hard part of my last life. I feel like I have found one person and I have so much ready to give her. It’s not all about me. It’s about humanity and its' messages that will come to be very significant to many people. So I ask that people listen with an open mind and an open heart. This is not coming from Jim Morrison, the degenerate, drunken rock star screaming on stage about things few understood, this is coming now from just Jim, I have spiritually evolved and will continue to. I am not an addict my addictions are long gone. This is coming from the purest place now.”

Here is his latest poem:

Soft waves crashed over me, I couldn't see the shore,
Where is my beacon of light, where is my siren to guide me home?
I awoke on the sand, and found the beacon of light flooding out of me
And the siren..........was my voice.

See my light; hear my voice, when the waves crash over you.

Morrison on Psychic Phenomena

Morrison said he is generally disdainful towards most psychics but he wanted to talk about some that he found to be genuine and trustworthy.

Christopher Reburn - is very hard working, serious and sincere about his gifts. I have come in for him quite a few times and will continue to do so when he calls. What I really like about him is that he isn't full of crap. Ninety percent of the books out about this side are straight, unadulterated bullshit. He won't tell you crazyass stories about this side. Christopher needs to become more famous if for no other reason than to counterbalance the low crawling charlatans who exploit grief and do their so-called "gallery readings." Anyone have a relative in here that starts with a "J?" Christopher can help to counterbalance the negativity of the pseudo-psychics. He is a seer of world events as well.

Francine Milano - -Francine is going to be more famous in the not too distant future and it's a good thing. She is genuine and she gives real validations to those who come to her. She is going to have more contact with Michael Hutchence than with me but I think she's great and is one of the very few psychics I would attest to. Francine will end up writing books and they won't be like so many are now, false prophecy and utter nonsense. She is one of the few out there that is doing it for the right reasons and with the right gifts.

Linda Merkel - is very special to me. I have done some automatic writing through her and will do so again I hope. She is very connected to my channel and at some time and in the months ahead, she will better understand our deep connection. Linda can best be explained this way, authentic! She uses her gifts in divine accordance with the universe and has asked for nothing for them. She is what so many other mediums are not, humble! I have a great love and respect for her and will be coming in for her again. I have given her very intimate information about my channel because she is trustworthy enough to receive it. We need more Linda’s and fewer seven-hundred-dollar a half-hour psychics. I call them out and can't wait to hear how they supposedly channeled me! It's pure lies and I have given information to very few but the ones I gave it to, misused it. It was all about channeling a dead rock star, not the message. I never spoke through anyone’s voice box though I could if the right channel was present. That person simply practiced my voice and used it to display herself on television almost catching her hair on fire was a nice trick. Ask her to channel me now, and she will either have to admit I don't come through to her anymore or make-up some bullshit to cover her. Don't believe it. My channel now has spoken to psychics all over the world, these are only a few and I have come through for her every time because she is real and it feels great to finally have a real channel with no ulterior motives. Even if I didn't like the psychic, I came through to show I was who I said I was with specific validations. There are no celebrities over here. There are no public relations or bullshit, it's all about creating and inspiring now. I don't communicate with the ones I gave some information to before; they did not give it verbatim. They were on a fishing expedition and embellished my words. One in particular has truly violated my trust. She is trying desperately to become a star by channeling so-called stars. Never again, because I only have one channel now and forever. People are misusing my name and image, I would ask all of you not to contribute to it. I would also say that if you saw a show where I was supposedly called to a place where I once resided, I was very unhappy about that whole thing. The psychic was told she was not even close and told the public that she was very close.

My appearances are rare, and now only through one.

One flame that lights the way, one channel.